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Republic of Sovereigns

unincorporated association

Objectives of the Republic of Sovereigns

The association is designed to bring together self-determining people who consciously declare their sovereignty by acting in an organised, self-governing, private community.

The aim of the Association is to consciously develop a peaceful attitude among its participants with a mutual sense of respect and security, to create sustainable well-being and broadly defined prosperity for the community and individual participants to protect their lives, natural rights and property.

The emblem and flag

§ 6. The emblem of the Republic of Sovereigns is a golden eagle, above whose head, between its raised wings, floats an open golden crown with five peaks, and above it an eight-pointed golden star.

§ 7. The flag of the Republic of Sovereigns is rectangular in shape in blue with the emblem described in § 6 in the centre. The design of the emblem is preserved and described in a separate document [see Constitution].

The golden eagle symbolises the king of eagles and all beings whose main habitat is air and space. It establishes nests in places inaccessible to others. It reigns in the skies by flying high but feeds mainly on the ground. It also serves values higher than itself. It is characterised by a high degree of independence, self-determination, loyalty and attachment to family. The eagle symbolises lofty qualities and thinking, a broad and sharpened vision of the world.

The crown with five peaks signifies power over the five elements of matter: earth, water, fire, air and space, or ether. It is the culmination of sublime consciousness. It is a symbol of fame, wisdom, power, beauty, wealth and responsible devotion.

The eight-pointed star is a symbol of favourable and guiding fortune and the eternity of the self.

The eagle on the blue background of the flag: symbolises the environment of the eagle’s life and consciousness related to space (ether) and heaven.

The blue of #369CF9 is the repeated sequence of the number of power and creation: 369, the numerological nine, the highest digit of the decimal system signifying fulfilment, knowledge, maturity, wisdom, guidance, the culmination of life, sublimity.

The square flag signifies integration, stability, balance of opposites, harmony, heart and earthly perfection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the Republic of Sovereigns members?

The Republic of Sovereigns is a community of individuals who believe in independence and self-sufficiency. They strive to live in harmony with nature and protect all forms of life.

2. What are the values and rules of the Republic of Sovereigns?

The Republic of Sovereigns has its own set of rules and values that its members adhere to. These rules and values are centred around living in peace, harmony with nature, and taking care of oneself.

3. What is the symbol of the Republic of Sovereigns?

The symbol of the Republic of Sovereigns is a golden eagle with a crown and a star. This symbol represents their ideals of independence and sovereignty.

4. Does the Republic of Sovereigns have a flag?

Yes, the Republic of Sovereigns has a flag that features their symbol, the golden eagle with a crown and a star.

5. How does the Republic of Sovereigns organize and act?

The Republic of Sovereigns has an organization and administration in place to facilitate cooperation among its members. This structure helps them work together towards their shared goals.

6. Do all members of the Republic of Sovereigns have voting rights?

All full-time members of the Republic of Sovereigns have voting rights. While some supporters and volunteer and members candidates may have special jobs or roles within the community but their voting rights may be limited.

7. Can you provide more information about the Republic of Sovereigns?

For more information about the Republic of Sovereigns, you can refer to their official website or reach out to their organization directly.